Date Night

Come on a date with Soul Child and let’s create a delicious meal together! Have a fun and intimate experience cooking up some mouth-watering food. We’ll choose a unique meal based on your food preferences and skill level, and I will customize the class so you get the most out of our virtual experience!  I’ll send you list of ingredients, we’ll set up a time to get cooking and I will send a link to join our Virtual Cooking Class!


Family Night

Let’s cook a meal together with the whole family! Get everyone involved in the process and learn how to work together as a team to make a tasty meal. I will help expedite the cooking class from beginning to end, offering tips and tools to keep everyone on task working towards making a delicious meal. We will learn new things, create a meal together and mostly we’re going to have a lot of fun! This Family Night Option is good for all ages and a wonderful way to encourage young chefs to get hands on in the kitchen and teach them a valuable life skill while sharing a few laughs and creating food they can be proud of.


Friends Night

Time to get the party started! Join your friends for a virtual cooking class full of laughter and fun, not to mention incredibly good food. Learn how to makes something you’ve never made before and share the experience with your friends. Everyone will have an opportunity to share their process with each other from one home to another. We will take the time to make a great meal and have a great time while we’re doing it. Nothing brings people together like a great meal, so grab a buddy and join us for a Friends Night!


When your teenagers run to set the table because they are so excited to share their cooking creations, you know it’s a good night!


Victoria is wonderful and amazing in the kitchen and in life! I’ve known her since 2016. High integrity, high happiness. Food is prepared with love. Life is lived in love. Victoria is a joy to be around.


Ready to Get Started!